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The Tremor
We think you’ll agree The Tremor is a Tremor especially when you dive into five scoops of your favorite ice cream plus four of your favorite toppings, then just to make sure you don’t go away hungry we’re including three mounds of creamy whip plus rainbow sprinkles, almonds and cherries – whew!
US Mint
Thin Mint ice cream with hot fudge and crème de menthe toppings spooned into tall glass and capped with a creamy whip plus a drizzle of crème de menthe, finishing touches include a rolled wafer, cherry and a sprig of genuine mint – tastes like a million bucks!
Triple Berry
When you pick berries at Swensen’s, you get raspberry, strawberry and blueberry toppings with vanilla ice cream and creamy whip, a rolled wafer and a berry red cherry – perfect!
Big Rock Chocolate Mountain
With this mountain, you begin at the top and work your way to the bottom through luscious layers of creamy whip, Rocky Road ice cream, chocolate Macadamia Crunch ice cream, butterscotch and hot fudge toppings and almonds, along the way you’ll discover Hershey™ and Snickers™ candy, a chocolate cherry, and a chocolate wafer
The Earthquake
Look out…. it’s the BIG ONE! Gather your friends and ask them to help you devour eight scoops of delicious old-fashioned ice cream under eight rich toppings, chopped almonds, creamy whip and cherries
Cookie & Mint Sundae
Crushed cookies and mint candy team up with hot fudge, plus both Cookies n’ Cream and Thin Mint ice cream to create an incredible dessert that also includes chocolate chips, a chocolate cherry, and a chocolate wafer
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
A chocolate cherry and a chocolate peanut butter cup are only the beginning, as you dip your spoon into this scrumptious creation you’ll be rewarded with peanut butter and hot fudge toppings, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
ice cream, whip, and chocolate chips – enjoy!


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