Project Description



Super Sodas
A delightful scoop of ice cream balanced on the rim of a tall frosty glass, choose your favorite syrup from Vanilla, Cherry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Root Beer, Chocolate Mint, Lemon or Lime


Root Beer/Coke Float
Rich Vanilla ice cream with root beer or coke poured on top served in a tall frosty mug
Milk Shakes
Regular or malted, our ‘shakes are thick rich n’ creamy, just tell us your favorite flavor
Natural Smoothies
Choose from – Strawberry Banana Smoothie – Mango Tango – Berries Madness – Strawberries – Raspberry & Blueberry – Very Strawberry – The Paradise (Mango & Peach) – Oh So Peachy! – Pink Guava
Old Time Cola Specialities
The same flavored cola treats that Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed at the corner drug store, choose from Cherry, Chocolate or Vanilla Cola

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