The Great American Diner

The Great American Diner

polaire dufour 405 gl go America has a fantastic tradition of the diner, a place where good food is served at reasonable prices. This is one of the images that many conjure up in their mind when thinking of the good old USA.

gullkjeder til menn The food is classic American fare, hamburgers served with fries are a popular choice, as are chicken wings and mega sandwiches and melts. Personally its the burgers that keep me coming back for more, towering creations loaded with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion. Nowadays more exotic additions are included such as avocado, mushrooms and spicy peppers but I must admit to having a soft spot for a couple of onion rings between my sourdough bun.

julefeiring i tyskland here Then what is a burger without french fries and ketchup? These are the perfect accompaniments to your main meaty sandwich. Now add the soft drink of your choice and you truly have the taste of America. This is what they do best here, and it’s hard to find a more delicious dish.

hotel legoland discount If you have room for dessert then ice cream or a full-blown sundae is the specialty here. American ice cream is extra sweet and incredibly creamy making for an addictive ending to you meal. Dozens of flavors are on offer, many with nuts and chunks to make each bite as interesting as the last.

louche rouge émaillée So that is what the great American diner is all about, some have been exported elsewhere but none can create the atmosphere and taste you’ll find in the USA.

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